What is a Dermatologist or Skin Specialist?

Dermatologists are surgically skilled physicians, who after implementation their medical degree then undertake four more years of training to specialize in the diagnosis, care, and avoidance of skin diseases and skin cancers. Melbourne’s skin specialist devotes a lot of time considering diseases produced by sun exposure, particularly sunspots and skin cancers. Dermatologists look after patients of all ages, from children and children to youngsters and adults.

How can skin cancer be treated?

There are a number of methods to treat skin cancer depending on the harshness of the sickness and where it has precious. The different approach towards effective treatment includes -

  • Surgery/Operation
  • Photodynamic therapy
  • Radiation Therapy
  • Chemotherapy

What are the effects of Skin cancer treatment?

Dissimilar methods to the treatment of skin cancer have confirmed to be very operative in removing the tumors and supervisory the cancerous development.

  • Surgical deduction of the cancerous tissue in the skin can result in a lifetime mark on the body.
  • Chemotherapeutic treatment using creams and ointments can affect irritation in the area of request.
  • Chemotherapy can also affect sickness, vomiting and hair loss in the patients suffering the treatment.

But after all the obvious will be in improvement undergoing the right cancer treatment on time, coz it will get rid of the most serious problem of all 'Cancer', set aside the smaller side effects coming with it.

Are you looking for a professional skin doctor for skin cancer screening in Melbourne?

The Skin Cancer Assessment and Treatment Centre suggest that it is essential to go for a skin cancer screening. We strongly believe that preventing a dreadful disease is a cure in itself. There are many ways to treat the skin cancer.

We have a team of experienced and highly qualified Skin Specialist Melbourne. These skin doctors are expert in diagnosing all the types of skin cancers and will recommend the advanced treatments in required.

We offer skin specialist assessment for medical and surgical dermatology in Melbourne including Hawthorn East, Melbourne and VIC areas. As a specialist medical, surgical and cosmetic practice, we are dedicated to providing you and your family proficient and high quality dermatological care. Whether your worry is skin cancer, acne, rosacea, and hyperhidrosis or of a cosmetic nature, our goal is to treat you at the top standards.

Get in connection with our Skin Specialist Melbourne for a professional check up now!

Treatments offered by Skin Doctor:


Surgical treatment is one of the most common treatments of skin cancer recommended by the Skin Specialist Melbourne. It is performed by injecting a local anesthesia into the skin tissues. The removal procedure can be performed in various methods.

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Various medicated creams are available for treatment by skin doctors for early stages. This method sometime helps in avoiding surgical procedures.

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Other treatment

There are various alternatives for treatments at Skin Specialist Melbourne.

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