Come to us for a professional and reliable skin check in Melbourne

At the Skin Cancer Assessment and Treatment Centre in Melbourne we believe that all patients should be aware about skin cancer and its consequences. When you come in for a skin check we aim provide appropriate advice and treatment.

Who will I see for my consultation?

Consultations are conducted by Dr Alan Segal or other suitably Trained Dermatologist/Skin Specialist. Dr Segal is a fully qualified dermatologist/skin specialist with over twenty years experience in this field.

Where is skin surgery carried out if required?

Most skin surgery is carried out in the rooms under local anaesthetic. Hospital admission is rarely needed.

Do I need a referral?

Referrals are not essential for a skin check or consultation however having one means Medicare will give you a higher rebate with a referral from a medical practitioner. Rebates are considerably less without a referral.
Referrals are also not essential for surgical procedures and/or pathology. Standard Medicare rebates apply with or without a referral for these services.

What tests may be carried out?

Skin samples may be taken for pathology testing. A hand held magnifying device may be used for examination and diagnosis. Blood tests are ordered as required.

What treatments are available for skin conditions?

Treatments for some conditions can include the use of creams and/or oral medications. Surgery may be required for some skin cancers. Other treatments include freezing with a liquid nitrogen spray and special light and x-ray treatments.

Come to us in Melbourne for a skin check which is thorough and comprehensive.