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The things about a mole that might alert to you that something suspicious is occurring are as follows It has become sore or irritable or bleeds for no apparent reason.Usually this may only mean that the mole has been irritated by something external such as knock or rubbing or something that has been put on … Continue reading HOW DOES ONE PICK A SUSPICIOUS MOLE ?

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How to Reduce Your Chances of Skin Cancer?

Protection from the UV radiation is extremely important in order to reduce the chances of skin cancer. You need to be careful all through the year and not just during summers or any particular season. Here are some of the ways in which you can avoid the impact of UV radiation thereby mitigating the chances … Continue reading How to Reduce Your Chances of Skin Cancer?

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Solar Keratosis

Solar keratosis, which are better known as sunspots, are caused by ultraviolet light shining on the skin. These spots generally take many years to develop in exposed areas. Certain individuals tend to be more prone to developing them, and there is probably a genetic connection. ┬áPeople who have blue eyes, freckles and red hair are … Continue reading Solar Keratosis

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It is generally known that it is a good idea to wear a sunscreen when outside for an extended period. Over recent times there has been a concern that many people are vitamin d deficient due to lack of sunlight. Sunology-sunscreen-kids-sun-safety these two facts lead to understandable confusion as to how much sun should one … Continue reading SUNSCREENS , VITAMIND AND SUN PROTECTION

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