Do you need a professional skin cancer check in Melbourne?

The Skin Cancer Assessment and Treatment Centre recommend that a skin cancer check is essential. We believe that prevention is the best medicine. There are a number of ways to treat skin cancer.

Our specialist dermatologists in Melbourne are experts in the diagnosis of different skin cancers, and which of the latest treatments to recommend if necessary.

Call our expert team in Melbourne for a professionally performed skin cancer check. (03) 9882 1413

Our Treatment types:

Surgical treatment

Surgical treatment is performed under a local anaesthetic, delivered by an injection into the skin. Removal of the affected area can be performed via a number of procedures.:

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Medical treatments

Creams are available for treatment of sun spots and some skin cancers in their early stages. This can sometimes help avoid surgical removal.

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Other conditions

Skin Cancer Assessment and Treatment Centre also treats a number of other skin conditions.

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